2023-24 New Staff

The Elkhorn Area School District welcomed nearly 30 new educators to the herd for the 2023-24 school year, in addition to over 35 support staff.

At the Career & College Academy, Beau Roddy will serve as a Social Studies and Special Education teacher, Corrine Sanders is a Special Education teacher, and Jessica Harteau is their new School Psychologist. Jessica will also provide services at Tibbets Elementary. Elkhorn Area High School welcomed seven new professional staff. Danielle Braun as a new Math teacher, Jacqueline Carter and Keagan Stonewerth teaching Science, Jamie McCann and Kyle Svachula as Special Education teachers, Kristine Lefko as Business Education teacher, and Meara Young as a Reading Interventionist. Elkhorn Area Middle School brought Jean Jacobs, Jennifer Mosansky, and Vincent Umnus on board as Special Education teachers. Nicole Lomax and Daniel Stilling will teach Math, and Treven Kelleher will teach Social Studies. Kimberly Gerber will serve as an EL teacher. Options Virtual Charter School has added Mark Beilman as a Science Teacher and Jackie Moore as a Special Education teacher.

At the elementary level, Anna Sherman joined Jackson Elementary as the new Occupational Therapist, Emily Pecoraro will teach first grade at Jackson. Jill Ambelang will teach fourth grade at Tibbets Elementary. Also at Tibbets, Kayla Crane will serve as the new School Counselor, Kristina Eckman will teach first grade, and Kari Todd is their new Sign Language Interpreter. West Side Elementary welcomed Lauren Davies as a fourth grade teacher, Rachelle Hammond as School Counselor, and Brooke Lile, and Dana Otte as Special Education teachers.

Support staff joining the district include new cooks, custodians, teaching assistants, school secretaries, and AVID tutors. Please welcome Sarah Larsen (OP), Sarah Dudley (CCA/HS), Melanie Sweet (MS), Ellen Madl (HS), Kim Kutz (JS), Nancy Atkinson (MS), Brittany Held (WS), Samantha Meyer (WS), Chad O’Connor (WS), Kimberly Laatsch (HS), Shawna Torres (JS), Gloria Ramirez (JS/WS), Mireya Sanchez Hernandez (MS), Brenda Arens Reed (District), Brittany Christensen (JS), Matt Hanley (HS), Shannon Young (HS), Rebecca Reed (JS), Kaylee Hastings (MS), Abby Wandschneider (MS), Jessica Weber (MS), Eva Hoar (WS), Jennifer Kramer (TS), Charlette Woolard (TS), Faith Asplund-Morgan (WS), Laura Ellsworth (WS), Ethan Meehan (WS), Sandra Sanchez (WS), Jessica Vavra (JS), Michelle Hosek (JS), Anne Kirkpatrick (MS), Julie Olson (MS), Taylor Hansen (TS), Nicholas Lange (TS), Jackie Morrissey (OP), and Xander Harkness (HS).